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Our Multi Award winning classes are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and give you confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Mini First Aid offers a range of classes across the UK for all the family; parents, grandparents, carers and for children as young as three years old, training them in basic and life-saving first aid.

Meet The Trainers

Lucy Atherden

I’m Lucy, a nurse, a wife, a mum and a first aid trainer. I love to make a difference and I want to make a difference to you and your family. Children don’t come with manuals; don’t I know it! But if they did, Mini First Aid should be chapter number 1! As parents, it’s difficult to think of our children being taken seriously ill or having an accident, but it does happen. The difference between Life and death could be knowing how to react and administer first aid quickly and effectively before help arrives. My knowledge and skills gained from a decade of nursing is the perfect grounding for being a Mini First Aid trainer. I feel privileged to be in a position to teach you how to save a childs’ life. It makes me feel fulfilled, it makes you feel safe. I love my job! Lucy

Aideen Kent

I'm Aideen, an emergency nurse with over 15 years experience, who discovered that dealing with a hungry and tired 3year old is more stressful than Friday night in the Emergency Department! A wise person once said 'Being a parent is learning the strengths you didn't know you had and dealing with fears you didn't know existed', I think every parent can relate to this! My many years of dealing with emergency medical situations provides me with the ideal background to teach first aid to parents and carers, from one parent and carer to another.

Amanda Chase

I'm Amanda, a paramedic, wife, mum and first aid trainer. My passion for first aid arose when I was a flight attendant and dealing with in flight medical emergencies was my forte. I then trained as a paramedic 18 years ago and still today work shifts regularly on an ambulance, I have found that this helps me greatly in my role as a first aid trainer as I can bring real life scenarios that I have encountered on an ambulance into my first aid training. Coming to the aid of a hurt or injured child and also comforting the parents or carers is something I never want to do but sadly accidents happen. My aim is to help carers and parents to know what to do in an emergency, how to help that child ,and to reassure you that first aid is really quite simple to learn and to dispel that fear and make everyone confident to deal with any first aid situation that may arise.

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